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Practice Management Software

  • Sentian Solutions simplifies using practice management software.
  • From downloading the software to applying it to your practice, using Sentian Solutions will be natural and instinctive.
  • Increase your billable time and become more competitive with larger firms .

What can Practice Management software do for you?

  • Increase your billable time.
  • Organize client files with emails and supporting documentation within one program..
  • Organize emails, clients, files and documents in one program.
  • Search for client information quickly and with ease.
  • Track client matters quickly and automatically.
  • Track client matters efficiently.


If you use a windows based computer and would like to increase productivity, consider using practice management software.


In 2017, 29 major companies have been hacked so far. This has effected nearly 400,000,000 people. For this reason, more solo attorneys are choosing not to use practice management software. Sentian Solutions offers a simpler way.

  • Keep client information off 3rd party programs.
  • Protect your intellectual property.
  • Control access to your practices data.
  • Create a safe environment with an additional level of security.


The Outlook integration allows users to add emails to any client matter directly from Outlook. If you do not have Outlook you can copy and paste email content into Sentian Solutions. With Sentian, you can search through emails by client and matter, which will decrease your time spent looking through emails that are irrelevant.

Tasks management

Organize and prioritize by selecting your due date or a notification date then adding your task content. Tasks are related to a client and a matter ID and easily accessed. Managing projects can range from several tasks for one client to one tasks for multiple clients. Sentian Solutions will allow you to organize your tasks for all clients, allowing you to manage your time even more efficiently.


Manage all client documents by matter ID’s. You can upload any document by dragging it into Sentian Solutions. You can us the search function through all  your documents. Whether it’s reading, writing or searching, documents make up a huge part of an attorneys day. Sentian Solutions is an easy way for you to search for documents for specific clients regarding a specific matter. This makes searching for documents faster allowing more time for our users.


This allows users to work on multiple projects for multiple clients, all while still having quick access to pressing matters. Enter a due date and a notification date into calendar, and fill in the details as a reminder. Staying aware of court due dates or filling deadlines can be confusing if you have hundreds of dates to organize. Sentian Solutions makes it possible for users to prioritize dockets by adding a reminder of the due date. 

Time Tracking

Users can keep track of how much time they spend on any matter for a client. Just go directly to the matter you are working on under your specific client  and start tracking time. Stop, start and make edits as needed.

Phone Management

Users can log calls within the program by going to a client and creating a call log. The calls can be placed in a specific matter and will be searchable for quick access to any pertinent information users may need . Users will also be able to create a contact and a task if needed. Tracking  incoming and outgoing calls can be a large task and not many people have the time. Sentian Solutions makes this task easy and efficient, by allowing users the ability to search and review any conversation from any contact. 

See the testimonials

that our clients have submitted so far

The interface is clean. It’s uncomplicated. Most importantly, its design is intuitive. No need for a lengthy user guide or video tutorial…who has the time? Sentian Solutions equips you to get to work on your matters without the unnecessary back office administrative burdens.



This program by Sentian Solutions is perfect for a solo practitioner: intuitive to use, practical and complete in its functionality, and a time-saver.  Well worth the money!



After 20 minutes of using Sentian Solutions I was an expert. I have seen a lot of these programs and I just don’t have time to train for hours on all their features. After hearing about your program, I gave it a try and all I can say is thank you. Thank you for making it easy to use and giving me all the features I need! Which makes my life a lot easier.



Thanks for not being a cloud program. I have been looking for software to manage some of my admin work, and all the other software companies would put my client information on the web. It’s nice to use my Dropbox with your program, while feeling secure with my client information. If you ever need my recommendation, please let me know, I am happy to let people know how much I love it.



Finally, software focused on solo attorneys and not just larger law firms. My solo practice didn’t need all the bells and whistles. I needed something simple and easy to use, but also had the tools to help me manage my emails and tasks. I was pleasantly surprised to see Sentian Solution. I am very happy I tried it. After just a couple day of the 14 day trial, I knew I was going to buy it.



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