Che Zachary

Che Zachary

Che Zachary


I have been in business development for nearly 30 years, from selling Jeans and cars to jewelry. For the past few years I has been offering business professional a solution to increase profits by adding web services to their business.

As the founder of Sentian Solutions my initial goal was to provide a solution for my wife. She is a solo attorney and has been dealing with finding a solution to help her organize and remain competitive. She has a cloud and an email and doesn’t need to spend the money or time training on these options from other cloud and web based Practice Management providers.

After speaking with several solo attorneys, it became clear to me that I need to offer this solution to more than just my wife. Which is why I have taken a lot of time and care in finding out what solo attorneys are looking for.

I am very excited about this product and how much it will help solo attorneys compete in a very difficult market.

In my free time, I enjoy spending as much time with my family as I can, as well as traveling and playing music.

My goal in life is to own the balance of my love for work and my love for family and friends.